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Born Talent- BAD SIDE [CD Single]
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The Avid Record Collector

The Avid Record Collector is the official DJ/producer of The 54 Side. The Avid (formerly Dj Mugzy), started djing back in 1987, and started digging for breaks and making beats in 1992. In 1997, under his old name "Dj Mugzy", he broke onto the scene, producing all 3 joints on the Constellation EP "Water World" , "Tagz Up", and "For All The Heads" by Born Talent and Jay Love. Right after the release of the EP, Mugzy then became "The Avid Record Collector".

In 2001, The Avid produced the single for his group "The Odd Couple" (Jay Love & Louis Logic) called "Por Que" b/w "Pimp Shit" on Solid Records. In 2002, he produced the single for his partner Born Talent "Braggin'" b/w "Underground Tribute" on 54 Side Records. In 2003, The Avid produced 3 joints on Louis Logic's "Sinamatic" LP on Solid records, "Celph-Hatred", Best Friends" & "The Ugly Truth". In 2004, Avid produced the Odd Couple LP "Alcohol/ism" on Brick Records. .

Now in 2007, Avid has produced Born Talent's 12" single "Bad Side" b/w "This Is For", "Sugar Free" and "Future". As well, Avid also produced Born Talent's upcoming LP "The Essence", which is scheduled to drop Summer 2007. Aside from producing, Avid is also 1/2 of The 54 Side Radio Show on, which along side his partner Born Talent, has been on your internet air-waves for 17 years (2000-2017).

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